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Quotes on Perfume

...To create new arrangements, new olfactory forms, it is enough that you think "in odours", like the painter "in colours", and the musician "in sounds"...

Edmond Roudnitzka

Sometimes one finds an old bottle which remembers
From where all spouts out lives a heart which returns.


Indulgence is like the perfume of the truth

Anne-Sophie Swetchine

A perfume which lasts is carrying the direction of the future !

Michel Roudnitska

The immortal one does not have odour

André Gide

The weapon a being is his odor !

Patrick Süskind

I want a perfume of woman with odor of woman

Coco Chanel

A woman should wear fragrance wherever she expects to be kissed

Coco Chanel

Happiness is the perfume of the heart, the harmony of the heart which sings.

Romain Rolland

The odour of pink, low, thanks to the light wind of summer that passes, mixes with the perfumes that it put

Paul Verlaine

When one lives in the medium of the roses, one takes in spite of oneself the perfume of it

Russian proverb

Do those, which never tested the magic of a field of jasmine or pinks in the incipient paddle, know really what is a perfume ?

Jean-Paul Guerlain

The personality is to the man what the perfume is with the flowers

C.M. Schwab
(Les Dix Commandements)

Two things make the women unforgettable, their tears and their perfume

Sacha Guitry

A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflector of the heart.

Emanuel Ungaro

The beautiful perfume is that which gets a shock to us

Edmond Roudnitska

The memory is the perfume of the heart

George Sand

Each one of my perfumes is the portrait of a woman !

Jean-Paul Guerlain

The odours do not have a sex. Nothing is prohibited in a perfume provided that it gets pleasures !

Jacques Cavallier

The Gods create the odours, the men manufacture the perfumes

Jean Giono

...To create new arrangements, new olfactory forms, it is enough that you think "in odours", like the painter "in colours", and the musician "in sounds"...

Edmond Roudnitzka

The bottle must exceed the stage of container to place itself intoobject of art : "you look at it, you take it, you touch it, you carry it...".

Jean-Paul Gaultier

...One must feel a woman before even seeing it...

Marcel Rochas

...I created this perfume to dress every woman with a trail ofdesire, and to see emerging from her small bottle all my dresses...

Christian Dior

We live with our defects as with the odours which we carry; we do not smell them any more; they inconvenience only the others.

Anne Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles

The perfume is the most intense form of the memory

Jean-Paul Guerlain

A woman without perfume is a woman without futur….

Coco Chanel

Who paints the flower, cannot about it paint the odour?.

French proverb

In "L'Air du Temps", there exists more than one simple raw material noble combination : there is a true miracle.

Robert Ricci

Happiness is a perfume which one cannot spread on others without making some flash back some drops on oneself.

R.W. Emerson

If the perfume is an art, the object, which contains it, must be a masterpiece, the masterpiece of a craftsman.

Robert Ricci

Our language is not worth anything to describe the world of the odours

Patrick Süskind

The glance is often misleading, not the blow of nose.

Philippe Sollers

(extrait de Passion fixe)

The perfume is not goods; its creation is an act of love. It must reflect the heart of the woman who will wear it.

Robert Ricci

The perfumes are powerful magicians being able to transport us through years that you lived.

Helen Keller

The perfumes are the feelings of the flowers.

Heinrich Heine
(extrait de The Hartz Journey)

The friendship without confidence, it is a flower without perfume.

Laure Conan

I did not want that it is a gag. I wanted that it is really a perfume.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

...Like the love, the perfume must captivate the woman as of the first contact...

André Fraysse

The perfumes are full with stratagems and if you treat them with negligence, they scatter your secrecies with the four winds

Louise de Vilmorin

The perfume of a woman, it is her secrecy. To reveal, it is to strip itself in frontof anybody.

Louis Aragon

A perfume, it is like a new dress. It returns to you quite simply marvellous.

Estée Lauder

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