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                                                                 Jeanne Lanvin

Jeanne Lanvin was born on 1 January 1867 in Paris. Daughter of Bernard-Constant Lanvin (very unstable reporter) and Sophie White, she will be the eldest of eleven children. The Lanvin live in abject poverty despite the support of a family friend Victor Hugo. Everlasting links have been forged between the writer and the grandfather of Jeanne, Jacques-Firmin Lanvin.

At the age of 13 years, Jeanne has worked with a milliner as a delivery girl hats. She was nicknamed "little bus" because of his habit of always running after the bus to save some money. The salary she will receive each month will amount to 25 francs.

Fascinated by the hats, at 16, she will learn to make them in a marvelous way. He will offer an apprentice milliner at Felix and, at 18, she will live a maid's room where she will imagine and manufacture the doll hats that she will sell directly to stores, her business will be greatly appreciated !

Jeanne Lanvin's Mansion Town House in the seventh arrondissement of Paris in 1938

Lanvin millimers at the end of 1930
The events happened very quickly. After Felix, Jeanne will work in Barcelona at Cordeau where she will win a lot of money. At that time, the hats are very fashionable, and milliners very popular.

Back in Paris, Jeanne will move to its account. She will rent two attic rooms, rue du Marche St. Honore, and then will move to 16 rue Boissy d'Anglas to expand and some years later will be installed at 22, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, which will be the Heart House of Lanvin.
It was at the Longchamp racecourse, with her little sister 14 years her junior, that Jeanne will meet her husband, Count Emilio di Pietro. They married 20 February 1896 but divorced in 1903. Born of this union, in 1897, a daughter Marguerite that we nicknamed Ririte, and who in the 1920s, will call Mary White. There was no greater happiness in the life of Jeanne that the birth of this little girl. It is through this child that Jeanne will be transformed into Jeanne Lanvin.

Indeed, Jeanne Lanvin reveals her talents as a dressmaker by dressing his beloved daughter with pretty dresses decorated with English embroidery and lovely pleated. Each of these dresses was an enchantment. The clients wanted similar clothes to their daughters. After the little girls, Jeanne Lanvin dress the moms with talent and thus start her career "Grand Couturier".


Model for young girl imagined by Jeanne Lanvin in 1919
In early 1900, Madam Lanvin was very famous, she will reach the peak of his fame in the 1920s. In 1925, Jeanne Lanvin employs over eight hundred workers! At each of her collections she will present three hundred models.

Jeanne Lanvin will invest a portion of her fortune in bricks and mortar. She will buy an entire building near the Invalides, will build "a little crazy" in Vésinet. She confided the decoration of his mansion with two buildings, and villas to Albert Armand Rateau, a very popular artist. She will open "Lanvin Decoration" and decorate the shopping and the theater of Daunou.

In 1925, she will still use Albert Armand Rateau to decorate Stands Exhibition of Decorative Arts.
In 1924-1925, the Lanvin launched “NIV NAL”, “IRISE” then a dozen flavors such as “KARA-DJENOUN” (in memory of a trip to Egypt), “LE SILLON”, “LE CHYPRE”,” COMME-CI COMME-CA”, “LAJEA”, “J’EN RAFFOLE”, “LADOGARESSE”, or “FLEURIT L’ORANGER” (withdrawn from sale in 1940), “GERANIUM D’ESPAGNE” (withdrawn from sale in 1962), “APRES-SPORT” friction JEANNE LANVIN, CROSS COUNTRY and “MON PECHE/MY SIN” (withdrawn from sale in 1988). Note that NIV NAL, IRISE, KARA DJENOUN, LE SILLON and APRES SPORT will be withdrawn from sale in 1926.

In 1925, Jeanne Lanvin created "Lanvin Perfume" at 4 roundabout of the Champs Elysées, Cannes and Touquet. She hires a young “perfume tester” André Fraysse. Her laboratory is located in Nanterre.

Mon Péché/My Sin

Arpège in 1932
Mrs Lanvin was the idea of ARPEGE perfume in 1927 for the 30th anniversary of his beloved daughter. Paul Vacha and André Fraysse will be creators.

The name of the perfume is a reflection from Marguerite (great enthusiast for music and singing) uttered by testing the perfume: "It looks like an arpeggio." Albert Armand Rateau designed the bottle, the famous black ball decorated with a drawing attributed to the artist Paul Iribe immortalizing the love of a mother for her daughter. The fluted cap is gold-plated finish. This fragrance was a huge success.

Jeanne Lanvin contacted leading experts to produce exceptional bottles. Baccarat edited the crystal bottles and the “Manufacture de Sèvres”, the colored balls in limited quantity, Christophe created a travel case for the perfume "PRETEXTE" and Cartier created a pouch bag for "ARPEGE".

Drawing of Paul Iribe

Square "Arpege" version

"Arpège" version transparent bottle

"Arpège" version spray

In 1928, the launch of “L’AME PERDUE/LOST SOUL” and “PETALES FROISSEES” in 1933, “SCANDAL” and “L’EAU DE LANVIN” also with the creation of powders, lipsticks etc.., In 1934, creating of ”RUMEUR”.

In 1926, Jeanne Lanvin is cited in the order of Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur, and in 1938 she received the rosette of Officer of the Legion d'Honneur by Sacha Guitry.

In show business, Jeanne Lanvin dressed few actresses like
Yvonne Printemps. She will be chosen for the advertising campaign of “PRETEXTE” Perfume. launched in 1937.

Eau Arpège

On 6 July 1946, Jeanne Lanvin died she was 79. Despite the passionate love but stifling that Jeanne was to his daughter who had ended them away. Marguerite will take over the management of the company until his death in 1958.

In 1960, lauching of « CRESCENDO », in 1964, « MONSIEUR LANVIN”, in 1966, “VETYVER LANVIN”, in 1971, “VIA LANVIN”, in 1979, “LANVIN FOR MEN” and “CARDOMONE” (in the Middle East), in 1983, “CLAIR DE JOUR”, (most of these perfumes were withdrawn from sale).

Via Lanvin

Clair de Jour

Lanvin for Man
In 1987, creation of the perfume of "ARPEGE", in 1997, "LANVIN HOMME".

In 2000, Pascal Mourgue created "OXYGENE" (for women) and in 2001 "OXYGENE" (for men).

In 2002, creation of "ECLAT D’ARPEGE" and in 2003, "LANVIN VETYVER".

In 1990, the company "LANVIN" was bought for the Group Oreal and Louis Vuitton family will decide in 1993 to revive and re-orchestrate the perfume of ARPEGE.

The head office is located always, as to its origin, 15 to 22 Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris.

Composition of "Arpège"

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