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Francois Coty and the Castle of Artigny

On 30 July 1912, Joseph Spoturno, said Francois Coty, the famous perfumer, bought the Castle of Artigny. Seduced by the site, it razed the castle, whose architecture was quite "heterogeneous" to build, from 1912 to 1929, the present castle, in the style of the eighteenth century. This sumptuous residence will be a true copy of Castle Champlâtreux.

The old castle (top right)
photographed in 1900 with (bottom)
The Moulin of the Braye.

The photographed castle in 1927 after
reconstruction and the new mill of the Braye

Francois Coty died in 1934, the castle was placed in receivership by order of his many creditors. In 1940, the castle was occupied successively by the General Staff of the Navy Department, by German troops until 1942, and an annex of the General Hospital of Tours. Until 1946, the castle was again a temporary hospital.

When the perfumer's daughter will inherit the castle in 1947, several purchasing proposals will be submitted to her. It's finally René Traversac who shall acquire in 1959 in order to transform the castle into a luxury 4 stars.

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